Governing Council      

The functions of the Governing Council are to support the school leadership team in the Governance of the school by:

  • Providing a focus and forum for involving the parents and school community
  • Setting the broad direction and vision of the school
  • Being involved in the development, monitoring and review of the strategic plan


Governing Council is not involved in the daily management of the school.  It is the Principal and school’s leadership team responsibility to:

  • Lead the development of teaching and learning programs
  • Set teacher and class allocations
  • Monitor individual student achievement
  • Manage student wellbeing and discipline
  • Manage all staff


Parents are elected for a two-year term to the Council at the Annual General Meeting held in the first term of each year.  All members of the school community are eligible to attend the Annual General Meeting and to vote on any matters proposed for resolution.


2018 Governing Council Members

Principal – Di Burrell

Parent Representatives – Kate Canaway (Chair), Phillipa van Essen (Deputy Chair), Victoria Wallis-Smith (Treasurer), Peter Vickery (Secretary), Marisa Flower, James Hewison, Jenny Parhas, Sarah Guthrie and Debbie Wood.

Parents and Friends Representative – Sarah Hart

Old Scholars Representative – Kerrie Davies

Teacher Representatives – Alicia Carr and Jane Hopper


Meeting Dates for 2018

The Governing Council meets twice a term, these dates can be found on the school calendar.  All members of the school community are welcome to attend Governing Council meetings in the capacity of observers.


Governing Council Sub-Committees

Reporting to the Governing Council are the following sub-committees:

  • Finance Advisory Committee – Victoria Wallis-Smith
  • Education Committee – Victoria Wallis-Smith
  • OSHC Committee – Sarah Guthrie
  • Canteen Committee – Deb Wood
  • Parents and Friends Committee – Bianca Nasaris
  • Old Scholars Committee – Kerrie Davies


Any parent of the school community is welcome to nominate for one or more of the sub-committees.  This is a great opportunity to become an active participant in the decision making and governance of the school within the Constitutional bounds of the Governing Council.


Contact Details

Please email to:

  • express interest in being involved in a Governing Council sub-committee
  • to contact a member of the Governing Council or
  • to request information from the Governing Council or one of the sub-committees.