With the exposure to technology becoming more and more prevalent in our children’s lives, we as educators have an obligation to ensure they are able to enjoy the benefits this brings, and whilst not ignoring the potential associated negatives, with correct management (at both school and home) these can be minimised. Benefits such as improved student engagement, enhanced individual learning (speed and style of learning), greater collaboration, enhancing student agency, and developing essential skills for the ever changing workplace.

The classroom of the 21st Century blends onsite and online learning, and with the use of Google Suite for Education and Chrome books, our students will enjoy a wide range of resources available to them. Students will be able to store their work stored safely and securely (through managed school settings), collaborate with their peers and teachers anywhere, anytime, and have access to a range of Google Apps (Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Presentation tools). By working together, the students will be able to enjoy the benefits the devices will bring, while safely navigating the pitfalls of greater access to technology.

Michael Porter
Digital Technologies Coordinator