STEAM – “We believe in developing critical and creative thinkers who problem-solve and are prepared for an evolving future using the platforms of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics).”

Committee Members – 

  • Jessie Eatts
  • Chris Narroway
  • Michael Porter
  • Jo Ferguson
  • Mat Wilton
  • Michael Michell


Numeracy –  “Rose Park Primary School is focussed on developing confident, fluent, collaborative, and creative problem solvers and inquirers, who make mathematical connections to real life situations.”

Committee Members – 

  • Sue Vieceli
  • Angela Klenke
  • Vicky Jones
  • Morgan Knight
  • Callum Rohde
  • Zara Lygo
  • Addy Latisenka


Wellbeing – “Wellbeing at Rose Park Primary School is about being balanced and creating a sense of optimism and belonging, where everyone has the opportunity to flourish.”

Committee Members – 

  • Wendy Goodson
  • Sally Colburn
  • Edward Gilmore
  • Kim Copeland
  • Anna Nichol
  • Brad Schutz
  • Kellie Di Maria


Learning Design – “The effective implementation of Learning Design throughout the school will lead to improved learner expertise and agency.”

  • Clare Rodger
  • Sarah Cole
  • Penny Sinclair
  • Jane Hopper
  • Rebecca Weber


Literacy – “Learning to read, and becoming literate in today’s world, is fundamental for life-long learners.”

Committee Members – 

  • Jo Hurn
  • Alicia Carr
  • David Leung
  • Karsan Hutchinson
  • Niki Peak
  • Seona Payne
  • Renee Lynn