Sarah Cole

Sarah Cole is one of the year 3 teachers and this is her first year at Rose Park Primary School. She has been extremely impressed with the kind and caring support from staff, students and their families. Prior to joining the Rose Park community she was a year 2 teacher at Burnside Primary School where she introduced 3D printing and led the year 2 team to win an Innovation award. Other work experience includes working with students with emotional, social and behavioural issues at the Currajong School in Victoria and teaching at various schools in reception, year 3 and year 6.

She completed a Bachelor of Social Science (Early Childhood) at Uni of SA in 1995 and a Master of Education in 2014 at Monash University. Her passion for teaching arose after her Year 12 English teacher helped her to develop a growth mindset to never give up, showing the power a committed and caring teacher can make to the lives of their students.

When not assisting students to become powerful independent learners, Sarah will be in the car driving one of her four children to sporting commitments all over South Australia. She grew up in the country (Mt Gambier) on a farm and is now settled in Aldgate enjoying any spare time attending to a large garden and playing tennis.




Edward Gilmore

Edward Gilmore studied at Flinders University, achieving a double degree in Education and Arts, focusing on English and History. Having completed his studies in 2010, Edward took a hiatus from the education sector to work in an antique appraisals and auctioneering firm. In 2014 he started his journey as an educator as a relief teacher at Mercedes College, St. Peter’s Boys College, and Prince Alfred College, taking classes from reception to Year 12. After two years in the relief teacher wilderness he was welcomed into the Burnside Primary community to teach a Year 6 class in 2016, followed by a Year 7 class last year.

Pedagogically, Edward is drawn to John Dewey’s pragmatic approach to education, and is particularly fond of his famous quote, “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” He believes that a caring and supportive culture is integral to success both inside and outside of the classroom, and strives to make sure all students feel a sense of community and belonging in his learning environment.

Edward looks forward to the coming year at Rose Park and thanks all of you who have welcomed him very warmly to the school community.




David Leung

David Leung likes to find the fun in learning and share this fun with his students. He sees learning as a life long journey of discovery, which is grounded in a positive school experience. He believes in working in partnership with families to achieve the best outcomes for students.

After completing his undergraduate studies in Law, Design and Japanese, David taught English on a remote island in the south of Japan in 2009/10. It was this experience that led him to transition from his career in policy and project management to one where he felt he could make a more profound impact on the success of future generations.

David taught as a Reception teacher at Pedare Christian College for the latter part of 2017, after completing a Masters of Teaching (while becoming a Dad!).

When David’s not being a teacher, he enjoys spending time with his friends and family. He lives with his wife Helena and young daughter Olivia, who is a constant marvel and a source of many laughs. He and his family particularly enjoy visiting the Adelaide Zoo to see all the amazing animals.

David has a passion for multiculturalism and valuing diversity having emigrated from Hong Kong when he was 6 years old. He speaks English, Chinese and Japanese and loves learning about other cultural practices, and especially enjoys eating all types of food!