Payments to Rose Park Primary School can be made via Qkr! app, EFT, or cash or EFTPOS at the front office. 

Qkr! is operated by the Commonwealth Bank and Masterpass, and provides fast, secure payment options for families for everything from Materials & Services charges, to class excursions and canteen lunch orders.  Please ensure that you set up a profile for your child using their correct class number and year level, as this information is used to direct lunch orders to classes each day.

For EFT transactions, please contact finance staff for details. If using cash for payments please provide the correct amount as change is not kept on site.

For more information about Qkr! and how to use the app, please scroll down to screenshots at the bottom of the page. Contact the front office if you would like further support.

All curriculum activities are funded by Materials & Services Charges.  At Rose Park PS, this encompasses:

  • Photocopying of materials (paper & toner, excluding the cost of equipment)
  • Stationery items
  • IT Access: Internet / Hardware
  • Curriculum subject delivery and supplies
  • Year 6 IB Exhibition

The Governing Council will set the Materials and Services Charge each year. This will then be approved by the Department for Education and endorsed by a poll conducted of the school community.

The payment of fees can be made using the Qkr! app, via EFT, or in person at the front office at school between 8.30 and 9.30 daily.

Payment by instalments is welcome. Direct Debit Request is available as the preferred method of instalments. Please contact the Business Manager in the front office for assistance.

Payment of excursion/incursion costs, as well as costs for extra-curricular activities such as after school sports, chess club, or debating club, can be made via Qkr! All payments must be made prior to students taking part in events or excursions. Qkr! receipts can be accessed to check whether payment has been made; please see the following screenshots for reference.