International Mindedness at Rose Park Primary School

April 06, 2018 0 comments

Our educational beliefs and values reflect International Baccalaureate philosophy by developing and promoting international-mindedness across the school community. Our school takes the lead in setting an example to educate students toward international-mindedness, through an education that increases knowledge of other cultures through international travel, exploring global themes, and studying a language other than English. We use the learner profile to develop internationally minded students who are open-minded about the common humanity of all people and accept and respect other cultures and beliefs.
During the upcoming school holidays I will be visiting China as one of 20 South Australian Department For Education Delegate Leaders. We will be visiting Preschool, Primary and Secondary schools as well as presenting to Chinese delegates. Our video will form part of our presentation. We are very proud of our students and we also hope you enjoy looking at a snapshot of life and learning at Rose Park Primary School.
Di Burrell

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