Music News Term 2, Week 2

May 17, 2019 0 comments

Welcome to Term 2! I am looking forward to catching up with students, staff and families, after taking long service leave in Term 1. If you have time, drop in to room 21 to say “Hi”. I am working with Reception to Year 3 classes and Room 20 this term and will be available at school on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday until the end of the school day, and Friday until 12.00

Public Schools Music Festival

Senior Choir  – Our senior choir currently has 60 members and has been going strong. Janet Parkinson has done a fabulous job starting off their learning and I am looking forward to continuing her good work.

Our assessment is coming up this term which is an important milestone for us. We are expected to have learned aspects of our repertoire from memory and be able to confidently and musically present it. The assessment criteria focussed on following the conductor, singing faces, posture and a solid understanding of the context of the song. We need to keep working hard to ensure we are ready to perform at the Festival Theatre in September.

Reminder to please return your video consent and ‘ising’ t-shirt forms as soon as possible.

We will be using them for all performances this year. If you have paid your choir fees the t-shirt is included in the overall fee.

Troupe and Orchestra – As part of the Festival of Music held in September the Public Schools Music Festival (PSMF) organises not only a choral extravaganza but offers an opportunity for dancers, actors and instrumentalists to participate. Students auditioned to be member of troupe (dance and drama) or to be members of the Festival Orchestra. Rose Park students are very well represented this year with 13 representatives. Certainly the largest number of students we have had involved.


Alice B, Madeleine C, Giselle M, Lara K, Ryder H and Tiffany B, who are members of Troupe.

Ember H, Imogen G, Lucy A, Michelle F, Nick B, Max P, and Stanley S are members of the Festival Orchestra.

South Australian Public Primary Schools Choir – This is also an auditioned ensemble that draws students from around the state as a ‘show’ choir for public schools. Congratulations to Madeleine C who has earned a spot in this prestigious choir.

Year 5 Wind Tuition

This programme has proved very successful again this year. All students involved have made impressive progress in a short time. Keep supporting your child to practice as we work toward the Get on Your Feet Winter Concert on Tuesday 2 July.

B’tutta – Musica Viva in Schools

On Tuesday June 4, B’tutta will be visiting our school as part of music learning at Rose Park. B’tutta is part of the Musica Viva in Schools programme and are a brilliant percussion ensemble with a gift for removing barriers for anyone else who wants to make music. Students will be able join B’tutta onstage with their array of instruments, including marimbas, vibraphones, cymbals and Latin American percussion. B’tutta’s inspirations are as diverse as Brazilian Samba to Tokyo subways. All R-3 students room 10 and room 20 are working with B’tutta repertoire during this term.

Winter Concert

This year Winter Concert will be held on Tuesday 2 July at the Forge at Marryatville High School. Winter concert in 2019 ‘Get On Your Feet’ has a message of resilience and with a real opportunity to showcase dance music. Check out the Poster competition information.

This event is primarily a music concert where all school based ensembles are included. Concert Band, Junior Band (year 5), guitar, recorder, string, and percussion ensemble and will include super singers, instrumental soloists and dance items.

Music Support Group (MSG)

Are you looking to find out more about ARTS/Music at Rose Park or are just interested in coffee at Little Sparrow? Our first MSG meeting will be held at 12.00 at Little Sparrow on Friday 17 May (Week 3). With Winter Concert at the end of term there are plenty of ways you can help. Please let me know if you are able to help with music events over the year. Can’t make it to the meeting I would still love to hear from you.

Thank you

A big thank you to Janet Parkinson for so capably filling in for me during first term. I know the kids have appreciated her skill and knowledge and her friendly personality.

If you have any questions about classroom music, instrumental tuition or would like to offer ideas or suggestions about the music programme at Rose Park please contact me or join the Music Support Group.


2019 Winter Concert Art Competition

Tuesday, July 2 2019 – ‘The Forge’

We are looking for original art work to use as a poster, for the programme cover and to display during the concert at the Forge.

Produce a Colourful and Dynamic artwork that could represent

  • Moving/dancing and feeling positive

  • The idea that you can take action and make the things happen

Your Artwork must not include text and be

  • Two-dimensional

  • A3 or A4

  • Original

Entries are due to Room 21 by the end of Week 4 Term 2.