Japanese News Term 3, Week 6

In Japanese lessons we have been busily working under our Central Ideas for this term:  “Stories allow us to connect with other cultures” years 3 and 4 “Art is inspired by the environment” years 6 and 7 Here, year 3 students are creating flap books – matching animals from the Chairo no Kuma story with their Japanese names.

Science News Term 3, Week 2

Rube Goldberg Machines – The Year 2’s are looking at changes to an object's motion and how this occurs using push and pull forces.

Principal’s News

This term has been a very busy one with plenty of interesting and exciting opportunities for the students of Rose Park PS.

The Wellbeing Tree

Our Interpretation of the Rose Park Wellbeing Model Written By Emily H (Year 7) and Claudia B (Year 7) At Rose Park Primary School we strive to help students have a positive attitude towards all of our school values and IB learner profiles, both of which assist us to flourish in our everyday lives.