Newsletter – Term 4 Week 6

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Principal’s Report

The term is progressing well and we have celebrated a number of key events, with others such as the Christmas Concert, Year 7 Graduation and visits to 2019 classes, still to come! Just last week we celebrated the 2018 graduation of our Year 4 students who had participated in the Children’s University program. The ceremony was held at Adelaide University and all our graduates were capped and gowned for this prestigious event. The following evening our Rose Park Debating Team won their semi-final to move into the Grand Final against St Andrews school, with the debate to be hosted by Rose Park PS. This is an outstanding achievement on the part of our highly organised and articulate Year 6/7 students and a credit to our Year 7 teacher, Michael Michell who established the debating club earlier this year.

Sports Day
Feedback from our Sports Day events has been fabulous, with many families commenting on the excellent organisation and high interest and involvement of every student in our school. Congratulations to Alexandra House, winners of the Sports Day Cup and well done to Ava and Isaac for your acceptance speeches. You summed up the day in a positive spirit, reflecting the values of Rose Park PS. I would personally like to thank our outstanding PE teachers, Anna Nichol and Jaime Will, and their team for the extensive preparation and organisation that goes into making this day a huge success. Thank you also to our Parents and Friends Committee, led by our Chair, Bianca Nasaris and Governing Council Chair person, Kate Canaway and family volunteers for assisting with the barbeque and drinks.

Pupil Free Day
Staff will be working to analyse a wide range of information to determine next steps to ensure Rose Park PS continues to aim for excellence in everything we do, and supports and encourages every child to achieve and do their very best. Wellbeing data, staff and community feedback, and whole-school learner data outcomes will be analysed to prioritise key actions for our 2019-2021 strategic plan.

Transition to 2019

Family requests and information to support your child’s placement for 2019 closed at the end of week 3 this term. Due to the timelines and complexity of the class structure process we are now no longer able to accept any additional requests. All staff have worked hard to consider parental input, alongside their professional knowledge and understanding of each individual child so we can balance classes and ensure all students are set up for the best possible success in 2019. We will have only one composite class, a Year 4/5 class which has been created with a range of abilities of children in both Year 4 and Year 5. At some point in your child’s time at Rose Park PS they are likely to be placed in a composite class. We will endeavour to ensure, wherever possible, that this does not occur for two subsequent years should class structures enable this. All children will have an opportunity to visit their new class for 2019 in order to meet their teacher and class mates. This will happen on Thursday 13th December. Reports, with class placement details, will be sent home with your child on that day.

Parent Feedback Survey

Thank you to all the families who responded to the Parent Feedback Survey earlier in the year. Dr Elizabeth Andrew (Senior Leader, Learning Improvement Primary Learners) for the Central East Partnership, has collated the answers and presented her findings in a 1-page document to The Education Committee. The committee has taken on board the findings, and has developed an action list of the outcomes that will be rolled out during 2019.

Parent Survey Sept 2018

Finally, we look forward to being the host school to launch the Department for Education Music Strategy next Friday morning the 30th November. The Minister and others involved in developing this strategy have also been invited. Both Chris Narroway and I were also consulted as part of the process.

Di Burrell


Sports Day 2018

Sports Day was a huge success thanks to the amazing Rose Park Staff, very helpful and organised House Captains, enthusiastic students and supportive families! Each student participated in throwing, jumping and running activities and displayed strong cooperative skills in team relays during the day.

The morning circuit events provided the students with the opportunity to have fun and work in house teams in a variety of relays and activities. The water relay again proved to be a highlight for all classes along with ‘bombball’ and the earth ball activities. In afternoon during the Year Level House Baton Relays, each student ran in a relay for their house and the excitement and support from the whole school cheering them on was fantastic!

Congratulations to the Alexandra House and their House Captains, Ava Wilson and Isaac Seager who won the 2018 Rose Park Sports Day. Every student should be very proud of their hard work leading up to the day, as well as their achievements, efforts and enthusiasm displayed on the day. Thank you again to the wonderful students and staff for all their efforts to help make this day such a success.

Term 4 Rose Park Debating News

Welcome to the finals of the IPSHA (Independent Primary School Debating). 

This has been the inaugural year of debating for Rose Park School. We were incredibly successful with two of our teams reaching the quarter-finals of the series for the year:

Rose Park 1 & Rose Park IV

The team’s topic was “All Australians should become vegetarian”.

Both teams presented strong arguments and Rose Park 1 was successful on the night, progressing through to the semi-finals.  Congratulations are also due to Rose Park 1 (Christina, Amelie and Diana) who made it to the finals in a very strong field. The semi-finals were hosted at Rose Park Primary School, where Rose Park 1 debated a team from Prince Alfred College. 

The topic was “Organ donation should be compulsory” (our team was arguing the negative position).

The debate was thoroughly enjoyable with excellent arguments and rebuttal on both sides.  Rose Park 1 displayed excellent manner, and won the debate by 3 points. They have now progressed through to the grand finals!

The grand-final will be hosted again at Rose Park Primary with Rose Park 1 debating against St Andrews. The debate will begin at 4.15 p.m. on Wednesday 28th November. The final’s topic is ‘That we should ban development of the Adelaide parklands’ (our team has the negative position). 

We wish Rose Park 1 every success with the grand finals.  If you would like to see the team in action, debating next Wednesday, please come along to the Rose Park Library at 4pm to secure your seat.


The Year 6/7 Team

Michael Michell, Zara Lygo, Karsan Hutchinson and Jane Hopper

Year 6/7 Oceanic Victor Experience

On Monday, 19th November, 45 students along with 4 teachers had the privilege of participating in the Oceanic Victor Experience at Victor Harbor.

Our school was fortunate to acquire 50 free tickets to attend Oceanic Victor. All Year 6/7 students were invited to complete an application of interest to participate in this fun and exciting opportunity. Fortunately, all students who applied were selected.

As soon as we arrived in Victor Harbor, we walked to Granite Island and had recess. While eating we were thrilled to see some dolphins swimming by.

After that, we took a catamaran to the area where we would be snorkeling and swimming with multiple sea creatures including Bluefin Tuna, Snappers and Port Jackson Sharks.  When we arrived at the pontoon we were given a wetsuit, mask and snorkel to wear.

The Oceanic Victor experience allowed us to swim with an endangered species, the Southern Bluefin Tuna which were about 1.25m long and could swim up to 70km/h. We interacted with this rare species by swimming in an enclosed area with them and feeding them. At first, most of us hesitated to enter the water because of how big and fast the tuna were but after a short while everyone was more relaxed. A crew member of the Victor Experience had buckets of sardines for us to feed the tuna with. He threw the sardines at us while we were in the water and we tried to catch them. If we were brave enough, we managed to hold the sardine in our hand and in no time at all, the tunas swam at us and the lucky one devoured a sardine. Emily and I fed a few of the Bluefin Tuna, and it was obvious that they were hungry because of how fast they reacted to the sardines.

Oceanic Victor also permitted us to swim with baby Port Jackson Sharks. We were less hesitant to swim with the sharks as we were with the tuna because they seemed calmer since they weren’t being fed at that time. The Sharks felt rough and their texture was new to us.

Another highlight of the experience was handling starfish and baby jellyfish. Overall, we had an amazing time and left with wonderful memories.

By Diana Bradrania and Emily Rudloff 

(Year 6, Rm 10)

Library Borrowing

Please return all library books by this Friday (30 November). Reminders will be issued to students with outstanding books. There will be no borrowing in Weeks 8 or 9.

Thank you,

Library Staff

Music News

Whole School Picnic Tuesday 4 December 

Looking forward to seeing you at the Rose Park School Picnic to be held on Tuesday 4 December. Performances for classes and ensembles will begin at 6.00.

The times indicated below are an estimate but we will try to run as closely as possible. Contact your teacher or ensemble leader with any questions.

Please assemble in the music room to tune up and warm up at least 15 minutes before you perform.

  • 6.00 – Year 3  
  • 6.10 – Year 4
  • 6.20 – Guitar Ensemble
  • 6.25 – Recorders
  • 6.35 – Rock Band
  • 6.45 – Super Singers/vocal ensemble  
  • 6.50 – Concert Band                                                                          

Mini Concerts over the last 4 weeks have been highly successful and the many instrumental students at Rose Park have presented excellent vocal and instrumental performances. All students at all levels had the opportunity to perform. I hope you had a chance to see them in action.

Instrumental tuition

Please make sure you have your private instrumental applications in as soon as you can. Information was sent out through Edsmart. Please contact me if you have any issues putting in your application.

All new Year 5 IM brass and woodwind applications are still being finalised.

Please contact me if you have any questions.


All instruments and school texts should be return to the library if students are leaving the school or not continuing tuition. If you want to practice over the holidays please go to the library and rebook your instrument for holiday loan.


Darwin Rocks and the Learner Profile


Year 5 classes have reviewed their Darwin Rocks theatrical experience using the IB Student Learner Profile as a lens for reflection. We looked at aspects of the Profile and identified how rehearsing and performing has supported student learning. Here are some of the responses.

We are Inquirers when we:

Research our character

Look up information about Darwin

Know what each scene is and what it means

Found out what our characters looked like

 We are Thinkers when we:

Try out some of our own actions and ideas

Think about what your character would act like

Think ahead – thought about the scene coming up

Think about what your character would act like

We are Reflective when:

Accepting mistakes and moving on

Improving each time we did a performance

I moved forward in life doing this musical

I listened when audience gave feedback 

 We are Caring when we:

Help people with their lines and their dances

We said thank you to our helpers

Helping people remember choreography

Encouraged my friend to get out there

 We are Communicators when we:

Talking clearly/loudly/slowly so the audience could hear us

All worked together to communicate the story to the audience

Used facial expressions to emphasise my lines

Ask questions if you don’t understand

We are Knowledgeable when we:

Learn how to act well on stage

Know when to come on and off the stage

Learn how to project our voices

Share ideas with others

 We are Risk-takers when we:

Take a risk going on stage when you are a bit scared

Performing in front of an audience

I was dancing and dancing not something I normally do

Put my hand up to do a main part

 We are Open minded when we:

Had to sing in front of a large group of people.

Thought I wouldn’t like it but it was a great experience

Not laughing at people’s mistakes

Everyone has their own way of doing things

We are Principled when we are:

Following instructions

Not teasing congratulating instead

We respected others and were not mean

We supported the other cast 

 We are Balanced when we:

Rest before and after our performance

Calm myself down when I felt stressed

I drank a lot of water

Not stressing over the show

Tinker Club

Tinkering is the act of taking something apart in order to learn how it works. 

At Rose Park PS we have created our own Tinkering Club for our students explore the workings of not only our old laptops, but also a range of technologies, including a cordless phone, baby monitor and a clock radio.  Students from R-2 were invited to come along, however it was soon obvious that there was interest from across the year levels and we now have a number of Year 7 students working side by side with their Junior Primary schoolmates.  Recently we were lucky enough to receive a donation of old devices from and if you have any unwanted and disused technology that you would like to donate, please drop it off at the front office, and our students will happily ‘tinker’ with it… however, I can’t guarantee that we can put it back together!

Michael Porter

Digital Technologies Coordinator