Education Committee

In 2019, the Education Committee has narrowed its focus to work within Action Teams to support the community and the school.   The following concepts/programs are being looked at:

‘Be You’ (formerly Kids Matter) 

The program involves the community, in order to develop an effective approach to mental health prevention.

 Sustainability and Recycling program

Developing a whole of school community approach program to support student learning about reducing waste. 

Learning Assistance Program (LAP)

A student-centred and volunteer-based mentoring programme designed to assist schools to implement one-to-one learning that supports, guides and enriches the wellbeing and learning outcomes for students. 

Community Events

Promotion of social and supportive events within the community. 

Rose Park Primary School Policies

Reviewing and developing policies relating to the operations of the school.


Developing a process for sharing and gaining input from the community to support and enrich the International Baccalaureate program and Department for Education External Review. 

Grant Applications  

Seeking and applying for grants to improve the learning and environment for students.