The Rose Park Primary School Parents and Friends are committed to raising money to support the education of all students, and foster a sense of community, both within and outside the school.

We achieve this through:

  • Meeting regularly to share ideas
  • Building a parent community that is supportive of each other
  • Supporting innovative projects/programs
  • The organisation of social activities to ensure the opportunity to build relationships

Key Objectives

  • Provide opportunities to participate in the life and activities of the school
  • Raise funds for the benefit of the school community

Committee Member Roles

  • Encouraging parents in their year/class to attend P&F events and help where needed
  • Welcoming new families to the School
  • Organising casual get-togethers for their class/year level
  • Attending P&F committee meetings on a shared basis with other Parent Representatives in their year level

Our Values

Inclusive – We work together to achieve our unified goals.  We are open to all members of our community
Respect – We respect all people, their ideas and culture
Trust – We are transparent and can be relied upon to carry out any responsibility allocated to us