The rise in digital devices coincides with a growth in virtual classrooms. Rose Park Primary School is committed to keeping a focus on cyber safety for our students, given our Year 4-7 students have access to Chromebooks.

Below are several very useful and highly regarded sites that you may wish to make use of, along with the ‘Carly Ryan App Fact Sheets’, which cover recommended age, appropriateness, challenges and risks associated with each app.

eSafety Commissioner

The office of the eSafety Commissioner helps Australians to have safer, more positive experiences online.

Child Family Community Australia

Child Family Community Australia (CFCA) is the Australian Institute of Family Studies’ (AIFS) information hub for evidence, resources and support for professionals working in the child, family and community welfare sector.

Cybersafe Families

Cybersafe Families offer education and counselling; helping children grow safely in this world.

Carly Ryan Foundation

Our vision is to create a positive experience online for all children, teens and young adults – Sonya Ryan

The Carly Ryan Foundation is a fantastic resource on Cyber Safety for families. The Foundation has a huge range of resources available to educate both parents and students in keeping safe online.

We recommend that you read the Carly Ryan Foundation Fact Sheets, and determine whether particular apps are appropriate for your child.

You may also like to use the Carly Ryan Foundation’s Online Contract with your child.