Rose Park Primary School staff are dedicated to providing a high quality educational experience for all students. 

We are committed to supporting, teaching, and acknowledging the following values:
Caring      Respect      Honesty      Courage

Caring is:
• Valuing all life and property
• Giving love, attention and respect to yourself and others
• Being concerned and helpful
• Looking after animals, the environment, and belongings

Respect is:
• Treating ourselves and others with consideration
• Listening to others
• Appreciating others’ points of view
• Looking after our world

Honesty is:
• Telling the truth even when it is difficult
• Being responsible for our actions and accepting the consequences
• Doing what you say you will do

Courage is:
• Challenging your learning
• Taking responsibility for your actions
• Taking risks and trying new things
• Acting on what you know is right

We use the Learner Profile Attributes from the PYP as our framework from which we base our actions in developing global citizens.