Alicia Carr

This will be Alicia Carr’s fourth year in a full time classroom role. She has previously taught at Burnside Primary and prior to this, St Peter’s Girls Early Learning Centre. She has a Masters in Early Childhood Teaching and a Bachelor of Arts majoring in History and English. Alicia loves teaching at Rose Park Primary, and values it’s history and sense of community.

Alicia strongly feels that in order for learning to be successful it is necessary for the child, their teacher and their family to work in close partnership with each other. She believes that developing trusting and open relationships with students and families is fundamental in achieving positive learning outcomes.

Her teaching philosophy stems from a Reggio Emilia approach to teaching. This means having a strong image of childhood, one where every child is seen as a competent and capable active participant in their learning. Alicia has high expectations of her students and supports them to achieve their personal best. She believes in guiding and supporting children in becoming independent problem solvers.

Alicia aims to provide a learning environment that is safe, inclusive, open-ended and flexible, whereby children are naturally inclined to take more risks in their learning, challenge higher order thinking, and co-construct knowledge with each other creatively. She enjoys fostering curiosity and a love of learning, and encourages her students to respect others and themselves.



Clare Rodger

Clare Rodger is a Reception teacher at Rose Park Primary. Clare has over 20 years teaching experience. She has taught reception to year 7 in Australia, Scotland, Sweden and Spain; in both public and private schools.

Clare’s invaluable exposure to a wide variety of teaching methods and strategies has been instrumental in the establishment of her strong and effective teaching pedagogy.
Clare is a passionate teacher and loves to inspire students to wonder, question, imagine and create. She finds it very fulfilling to watch her students learn, grow and flourish.
Clare values excellent relationships with pupils, parents/carers and colleagues. She also thoroughly enjoys working as part of an effective, collaborative reception teaching team. Clare feels very privileged to work in such a dynamic school that always seeks to provide the best for student’s education and wellbeing.

Clare graduated from Glasgow University with an Honours Bachelor of Education degree. In her spare time Clare enjoys reading, cycling, swimming, walking, and spending time with her family.



Karyn Byles

Karyn Byles is a dynamic, collaborative, highly organised and successful Early Years educator with nineteen years’ experience, teaching in both small and large metropolitan and regional schools.  Her engaging pedagogical approach has enabled her to provide a learning environment that has high expectations, yet flexibly caters for the differing backgrounds of students, staff, parents and school community. Karyn is committed to developing resilient, innovative, environmentally aware and creative lifelong learners who have an ability to engage with a growth mindset approach.

Karyn builds strong and trusting relationships with students, by listening and acting on their feedback. Through promoting a positive, safe and caring classroom climate, students feel valued because learning is celebrated, and everyone has a sense of belonging. She empowers students by co-developing personalised classroom essential agreements and having class meetings to discuss issues in preparation to validate student voice. Karyn develops professional and collaborative relationships with parents and caregivers by employing an ‘open door’ approach with a service culture orientation.  Karyn has been privileged on numerous occasions to receive nominations for the SA Excellence in Public Education Awards.

Karyn feels honoured to teach at Rose Park Primary School and is passionate about the school’s future direction. She is a valuable member of our school community and as an educator strives to inspire students every day to achieve their full potential, in all aspects of holistic education.