Jessie Eatts

Jessie Eatts is the science specialist teacher in 2018. Over the course of 2018 she will have the opportunity to work with all students from Reception to Year 7.

In 2017 Jessie taught one of the three Year 4 classes here at Rose Park Primary School
This will be Jessie’s seventh year teaching, during which time she has taught classes from Reception – Year 7. Jessie has a Bachelor of Technology (Forensic and Analytical Chemistry) with a Bachelor of Innovation and Enterprise (Science and Technology) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning.

Jessie began her teaching career at Melrose Primary School in the Mid North of South Australia in 2012. During her two years at Melrose PS she taught the Reception, Year 1, 2 and 3 class. At the end of 2013 Jessie a permanent classroom teacher position at School of the Air, a campus of Open Access College based in Port Augusta. While at School of the Air, Jessie had the opportunity to work as both a class teacher and Senior Leader. Jessie made the decision to move back to Adelaide and was lucky enough to be placed at Rose Park Primary School, where over the 2017 school year she taught one of the three Year 4 classes.

Jessie enjoys sharing her enthusiasm for science and learning with others.




The Arts

Chris Narroway – Music Teacher

Chris Narroway is an experienced educator who teaches in the arts, with an extensive background and special interest in music. After 6 years as a graduate health professional she changed careers to study teaching, and was awarded her Diploma of Teaching from Underdale CAE, followed by a Bachelor of Education from Adelaide CAE and a Masters of Education in Educational Psychology at UniSA. Chris has studied educational counselling and has a graduate diploma in clinical nursing. Music is a part of her lifelong learning. She has studied classical piano, flute and clarinet and loves to sing.

Chris’s experience as a classroom teacher in rural and city settings, with students from preschool to tertiary levels, and in both Independent and government schools has given her a broad educational background. She spent 6 years teaching a Primary Music Education elective at Adelaide University and currently also works casually at UniSA with undergraduate teachers.

Chris has been awarded the National Award for Excellence in Music Education, has been assessed as an Advanced Skills Teacher 2, and in 2017 received a certificate of appreciation for 20 years of volunteer service for the Australian Society for Music Education. Her ongoing role supporting teachers led to her taking part in the 2017 National Music Teachers Mentoring Programme and a nomination for the CEASA award ‘Teachers Supporting Teachers’. Chris’s advocacy for music education is driven by her passion for ensuring all students have access to quality music experiences in schools. She is an organiser and regular presenter of workshops and conferences to support this belief. Neuroscience, innovation, and differentiation, including gifted education in music, drive her current personal learning goals.

When Chris is not running around Rose Park Primary School you will find her running around a netball court or at the theatre. 2018 looks to be a developing year for the arts at Rose Park and Chris looks forward to supporting the strong arts culture, and to providing students expanded opportunities to engage with beauty, energy, emotion and creativity.


Kim Copeland – Student Wellbeing Leader and Performing Arts Teacher

This will be Kim Copelands first year at Rose Park Primary School and she is looking forward to the challenges and successes that lie ahead. Kim is also excited to be contributing to both the overall Wellbeing of the school community and adding further value to the schools already successful Performing Arts Program.

In Kim’s previous experiences she has worked as a specialist Performing Arts and Dance teacher in both public schools and private dance companies. As well as specialising in the Performing Arts as part of her Bachelor of Education at the University of South Australia she also personally studied dance (including ballet, jazz, tap and contemporary) for over 20 years and completed 13 Cecchetti method classical ballet examinations.  Kim has a strong commitment to the Performing Arts and believes that it educates a child’s ‘whole self’ and provides an ideal vehicle for students to learn physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.




Physical Education

Anna Nichol

Anna Nichol is the specialist physical education teacher at Rose Park Primary School. She has a Bachelor of Education from the University of South Australia in Junior Primary/Primary teaching, specialising in physical education. She has been a teacher for 17 years both as a classroom teacher and a PE specialist, predominantly in South Australian Independent Schools and more recently in the Education Department.

Anna enjoys working as a specialist teacher in the subject area that she is passionate about along with coordinating SAPSASA sports, swimming carnivals and sports days. Her teaching methodology promotes a happy and safe learning environment where students are encouraged to be individuals, to always try their best, and to have fun while learning. Her teaching includes an active approach, where learning occurs through hands-on practice, inquiry, cooperative learning, and reflection.


Mandy Raymond

Mandy Raymond is a PE Teacher this year, after teaching in the classroom or in a Librarian role for the past three years at Rose Park Primary School. Since graduating  over ten years ago, Mandy has taught across all year levels from Reception to Year 9, in both public and private schools, here in SA and the ACT. She obtained her Bachelor of Education (Primary/Middle) through the University of South Australia with majors in Mathematics and Physical Education; it was through sports coaching, particularly in netball, that Mandy discovered her passion for teaching.

Prior to Rose Park Primary School, Mandy taught Year 6/7 and was the IB MYP Coordinator at her previous school. She has high level curriculum skills, enthusiasm and demonstrates a firm commitment to supporting her students to achieve their learning outcomes. Mandy has a strong passion for the International Baccalaureate Program and encourages her students to be lifelong learners who demonstrate the IB PYP attitudes, in addition to instilling in her students the quote:

‘Every expert was once a beginner – Rutherford B Hayes’





Niki Peak

Niki Peak has been teaching Japanese at Rose Park Primary School since 2008. She studied Japanese language and gained her Bachelor of Junior Primary and Primary Education at The University of South Australia. She has spent a considerable amount of time studying and sightseeing in Japan. As an Endeavour Language Teacher Fellowship awardee, in 2014, Niki took part in an intensive course of Japanese language and cultural emersion and gained much insight into the future direction of primary school language education.

Her passion for Japan, its people and its language and culture have led her to continue to share this with her students. Niki first travelled to Japan when she was in year 7 on a school exchange trip. She fell in love with the country, its people and their culture. Since she started in her role as Japanese teacher at Rose Park, Niki endeavored to set up a sister school exchange programme. In 2014 Rose Park Primary School signed a sister school agreement with Jyosei Elementary School, Hikone, Japan. Niki now facilitates a biennial exchange trip for our year 6 and 7 students.

Niki believes that learning a language should be fun so endeavors for all of her lessons to be hands on and engaging for a wide variety of learners. Japan’s many wonderful cultural aspects, both traditional and modern, provide Niki’s lessons with many points of fascination for young learners. Niki hopes that through learning Japanese at Rose Park, students gain an appreciation of other cultures and languages and are fostered to develop their international mindedness.


Anna Pok

Anna Pok is the Junior Primary Japanese teacher. She has a Bachelor of Education from the University of South Australia in Primary R-7 teaching, specialising in Japanese and teaching EALD students, and a Masters of Teaching Special Education. This is Anna’s first year teaching out of University and is very excited to work with such an experienced and supportive specialist team at Rose Park Primary School.

Having grown up in Japan, Anna hopes to share her knowledge and insights of the Japanese culture and the language with her students. In her classroom, she promotes a happy and safe environment, where students are encouraged to ‘give it a try’ as it takes great courage to make a mistake and then learn from the mistake. Through engaging activities and hands on lessons, Anna hopes that the students will develop an appreciation of the Japanese language and it’s unique culture.