Alicia Carr

This will be Alicia Carr’s fourth year in a full time classroom role teaching grade 1. She has previously taught at Burnside Primary and prior to this, St Peter’s Girls Early Learning Centre. She has a Masters in Early Childhood Teaching and a Bachelor of Arts majoring in History and English. Alicia loves teaching at Rose Park Primary and values it’s history and sense of community.

Alicia strongly feels that in order for learning to be successful it is necessary for the child, their teacher and their family to work in close partnership with each other. She believes that developing trusting and open relationships with students and families is fundamental in achieving positive learning outcomes.

Her teaching philosophy stems from a Reggio Emilia approach to teaching. This means having a strong image of childhood, one where every child is seen as a competent and capable active participant in their learning. Alicia has high expectations of her students and supports them to achieve their personal best. She believes in guiding and supporting children in becoming independent problem solvers.

Alicia aims to provide a learning environment that is safe, inclusive, open-ended and flexible, whereby children are naturally inclined to take more risks in their learning, challenge higher order thinking, and co-construct knowledge with each other creatively. She enjoys fostering curiosity and a love of learning, and encourages her students to respect others and themselves.



Wendy Goodson

Wendy lives in the Adelaide Hills with her husband Michael and interesting cat Wilbur. Wildlife surrounds their home including koalas who may wander through the yard at night and ringtail possums that love the shed. Having a strong connection to nature and passion for the beauty of the natural world Wendy feels privileged to be a part of it. This passion extends into her teaching philosophies with a strong belief that every child is competent and views the environment as the third teacher. This is the belief of the Reggio Emilia approach which has inspired the world over.

Wendy wants her students to connect with the past, present and future. To access the different communication technologies available and still connect with the natural world and make informed choices that will affect their lives. She has a strong belief in supporting students to be the best they can be, now and in the future. She sees her role to foster within her students, through the attitudes they adopt and the choices they make, the belief that they can achieve.

Wendy has a diploma in teaching and is an Advanced Skills Teacher 2. She has taught for thirty five years from Port Lincoln, Tarlee, Balaklava, Prospect, Stirling, Basket Range, Heathfield and Rose Park. She has written published educational resources in the curriculum division working with university academics and authors of current educational thinking. Throughout this her best assessors have been her students,
“Wendy I like the way you learn from us and we learn from you” student, Wyl Godfrey, Rose Park Primary School. The message, we all learn together and it never stops.



Sue Vieceli

Sue is a dedicated educator who embraces current learning theories and quality learning methodologies. Her qualifications include an Advanced Skills Teacher 2 accreditation, a Diploma of Education, a Bachelor of Education and a Master of Education.

Sue is an experienced teacher with a strong focus on the learner in all learning situations. She provides deep and rigorous learning experiences for students in a respectful, calm and welcoming environment.

Sue has studied the principles of Reggio Emilia in Australia and Italy and engages in professional discussions with her colleagues to connect these principles with the IBPYP and the Australian Curriculum.