Sally Colburn

Sally is an accomplished teacher, rich in experience, teaching R-7 at various schools in her 15+ years as a teacher. Sally completed her Bachelor of Education (JP & Primary) at the University of SA and has taught at schools in the Adelaide Hills, Southern and Eastern suburbs. 

Sally has followed her passion to learn more about Autism, Wellbeing and Positive Education, enjoying a leadership role as an Assistant Principal in 2017. She draws on her wellbeing and student services experience in order to help students and their families to develop Student One Plans, writing SMART goals and strategies to support applications. Helping students to understand and manage their ‘big‘ feelings has helped Sally to engage our learners with a plethora of ‘Positive Education’ and ‘The Wellbeing Classroom’ strategies

Sally has a keen interest in student voice and provides many opportunities for students to have their say, feel courageous and make informed decisions. Sally has studied to develop a plethora of strategies that can be incorporated into her classroom, and children’s lives, to assist when needed most. 

Sally is a proud Rose Park Primary School Old Scholar with long family connections to the school.



Maria Koukos

Maria is a dedicated and passionate educator – she began her career at Unley Primary School, teaching Reception to Year 2, including a 1/2 composite class, over a period of 5 years. She joined the school community at Rose Park Primary in 2020, working part time in a Year 2 class. Maria tandem teaches with Ali Doolette in the Year 2 class.

Maria aims to create interactive, challenging and hands-on, real-world problems for her learners to collaboratively investigate and solve. Her understanding of how students learn is extensive, particularly in the early years. She believes in giving students many opportunities to self-direct their learning and connect with their peers through a broad range of rich learning tasks.

Her teaching values align with those at Rose Park Primary, developing caring, respectful, honest and courageous students. Maria’s teaching pedagogy ensures all students are explicitly taught and encouraged to be global inquirers where everyone is valued with a focus on personal excellence and working together as an inclusive team to embrace diversity.



Ali Doolette

Ali is an enthusiastic and committed teacher with a passion for building relationships, student-centred learning and making connections between the classroom and the wider world. Ali studied a Bachelor of Development Studies before completing a Masters in Teaching (Primary R-7). Ali has taught students from Kindergarten to Year 6 in regional South Australia and overseas in Japan. Teaching in a variety of places has allowed Ali to gain invaluable experience in a range of school and community contexts.

Ali is excited to be teaching at Rose Park Primary School in a Year 2 class three days a week and as a Japanese teacher for two days. Teaching and living in Japan has given Ali some rich cultural experiences and the chance to enhance her Japanese language skills, both of which she is excited to share with her students. Ali is looking forward to the challenge of working in two different contexts across the school and using this to build strong relationships with students in a range of classes.

Ali has a particular interest in incorporating sustainability into her teaching practice and has run school kitchen garden programs in two previous schools. She is looking forward to becoming involved in the garden at Rose Park PS. Ali values the IB program as it fosters the development of the whole child as a learner and world citizen, something which she sees as highly important for children to be successful for the future.



Kellie Di Maria

Kellie was born in Adelaide and her cultural background is Italian. Positive relationships with her family and close friends are paramount. This extends into her teaching philosophy where positive and strong relationships with students and parents are highly valued. Kellie strongly believes that every child is competent and capable, values personalised learning and student agency and views the environment as the third teacher – a cornerstone of IB philosophy.

Kellie encourages her students to problem solve and make informed decisions by using effective communication, collaboration, critical thinking and questioning. Kellie’s use of questioning allows learners to identify themselves as authors, readers and investigators. She promotes each learner’s positive attitude to learning and the belief that all students can achieve success.   

This is Kellie’s 7th year of teaching and has had various roles and experiences in that time. Kellie is a lifelong learner who enjoys challenging herself with new experiences and sharing her knowledge with others.