Sally Colburn

Sally Colburn is an accomplished teacher, rich in experience from teaching R-7 at various schools in her 15+ years as a teacher. Sally completed her Bachelor of Education (JP & P) at the University of SA and has taught at schools in the Adelaide Hills, Southern and Eastern suburbs.

Sally has followed her passion to learn more about Autism, Wellbeing and Positive Education, enjoying the challenge of sharing the Assistant Principal role in 2017. She thrived on the Wellbeing and Student Services experience in helping students and their families with Individual Learning Plans, writing support applications and assisting students with ‘big feelings’ and challenging behaviours. Sally has studied to develop a plethora of strategies that can be incorporated into her classroom, and children’s lives, to assist when needed most. 

Sally has completed ‘Positive Education’ and ‘The Wellbeing Classroom’ training which have enriched her teaching pedagogy to further assist students and their families in times of need. Sally has trained in the MiniLit program which supports students to develop their reading skills. Sally has a keen interest in student voice and provides many opportunities for students to have their say and make informed decisions.

Sally is a proud Rose Park Primary School Old Scholar with long family connections to the school.



Maria Koukos

Maria is a passionate teacher and has taught Reception to Year 2, including composite classes. As a Year 2 teacher she will be; creating interactive, challenging and hands-on, real-world problems to solve. Maria’s understanding of how students learn is extensive, in particular in the early years. She believes in giving students many opportunities to self-direct their learning and connect with their peers through a broad range of rich play based and oral language learning tasks incorporating nature, ICT, investigation and curiosity, across the curriculum.

Maria is a dedicated educator, her teaching incorporates a broad range of current and extremely successful strategies to develop a caring, respectful, honest and courageous learning environment. Maria’s teaching pedagogy ensures all students are explicitly taught and encouraged to be global inquirers where it is expected that everyone is valued, aims for personal excellence and work together as an inclusive team, embracing diversity.

Maria excels in student’s wellbeing. Ensuring each student has a sense of belonging is paramount and supported through strong student voice. Play Is The Way games and language, Kids Matter framework are are a strong feature of her classroom to support positive behaviour steps and actions.



Caroline Kakoschke

Rose Park Primary School welcomes Caroline to the Year 2 teaching team. Caroline has just returned from London, where she taught Year 1’s at Hornsby House School for 3 years. This was a fantastic experience and a great change from her previous role as a specialist Health & P.E teacher at Murray Bridge North School.

Caroline is a kind-hearted teacher who appreciates all children as individuals and enjoys creating a calm and inviting environment where all her students can flourish. She has a creative teaching style and shows great passion in all that she does. 

Since writing a thesis on the Relationship Between Physical Activity and Student Well-being during University, Caroline has made it a top priority to teach her students how to be healthy in both their mind and body. She does this by allowing time for daily well-being activities (mindfulness, fitness, yoga, brain breaks, ‘Play is the Way’) and explaining its importance. 

Caroline is excited to be a part of the Rose Park community and looks forward to a fun year of learning!