Sally Colburn

Sally is an accomplished teacher, rich in experience, teaching R-7 at various schools in her 15+ years as a teacher. Sally completed her Bachelor of Education (JP & Primary) at the University of SA and has taught at schools in the Adelaide Hills, Southern and Eastern suburbs. 

Sally has followed her passion to learn more about Autism, Wellbeing and Positive Education, enjoying a leadership role as an Assistant Principal in 2017. She draws on her wellbeing and student services experience in order to help students and their families to develop Student One Plans, writing SMART goals and strategies to support applications. Helping students to understand and manage their ‘big‘ feelings has helped Sally to engage our learners with a plethora of ‘Positive Education’ and ‘The Wellbeing Classroom’ strategies

Sally has a keen interest in student voice and provides many opportunities for students to have their say, feel courageous and make informed decisions. Sally has studied to develop a plethora of strategies that can be incorporated into her classroom, and children’s lives, to assist when needed most. 

Sally is a proud Rose Park Primary School Old Scholar with long family connections to the school.