Sarah Cole

Sarah Cole is one of the year 3 teachers and this is her first year at Rose Park Primary School. She has been extremely impressed with the kind and caring support from staff, students and their families. Prior to joining the Rose Park community she was a year 2 teacher at Burnside Primary School where she introduced 3D printing and led the year 2 team to win an Innovation award. Other work experience includes working with students with emotional, social and behavioural issues at the Currajong School in Victoria and teaching at various schools in reception, year 3 and year 6.

She completed a Bachelor of Social Science (Early Childhood) at Uni of SA in 1995 and a Master of Education in 2014 at Monash University. Her passion for teaching arose after her Year 12 English teacher helped her to develop a growth mindset to never give up, showing the power a committed and caring teacher can make to the lives of their students.

When not assisting students to become powerful independent learners, Sarah will be in the car driving one of her four children to sporting commitments all over South Australia. She grew up in the country (Mt Gambier) on a farm and is now settled in Aldgate enjoying any spare time attending to a large garden and playing tennis.




Jane Hopper

Jane Hopper graduated from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland with a Bachelor of Honours Degree in Primary Education in 1996. Electives she majored in were English Language and French.

For the first ten years of her teaching career, she gained experience working with a variety of year levels in a co-educational school in Edinburgh.  In 2006, Jane secured a position in the International Teacher Exchange Program, which brought her to Adelaide. She has resided in Adelaide since and in that time worked as a relief teacher for six months before winning a permanent position at an all-girls independent school where she taught in the Middle School for nine years.

Through team teaching, she has gained experience in planning collaboratively with teaching staff. Collaborative by nature, she works productively to ensure a coordinated and integrated approach to curriculum, assessment, teaching philosophies and methods with specialist experience in the core subjects of English, HASS, Maths and Science.

With a passion for facilitating and enabling positive learning outcomes for all students in her care and guidance, she upholds the highest of professional and personal values that are foundation stones to the development of highly responsible local and global citizens. Teaching and being part of the learning process is the ultimate reward for any educator. Jane looks forward to working with Rose Park students, helping the learners of today become the writers, mathematicians, scientists, historians, geographers, artists and inquirers of tomorrow.




Jess Burns

‘It takes a village to raise a child.’

Jess is an early career teacher who has completed a Master of Teaching (primary R-7) after studying nutrition and food science. This is her first year teaching the IB Primary Years Programme and she likes the integrated learning approach. She is an approachable and empathetic teacher and as a result builds trusting relationships.

Jess enjoys the sense of community within Rose Park and the supportive environment she works in. She aims to challenge her students and to continually develop their skills. She is passionate about wellbeing and advocates living a healthy and active lifestyle. You can often find her outside of school walking her dog through Linear Park.