Jo Ferguson

Jo Ferguson has been an Early Years classroom teacher at Rose Park for 5 years. She completed her Bachelor of Education (Junior Primary and Primary) at UniSA in 2009. Jo has a passion for teaching and learning through authentic inquiry, where students build upon deep, conceptual understandings of the world.

Jo’s experience and knowledge of inquiry learning, play based learning, and Reggio Emelia educational principles foster children’s innate curiosity and the idea that we (teachers, parents, and children) are all explorers of the world. She encourages students to express their opinions and feelings through visual arts with a focus on the process of creativity as much as the end product. Jo grew up in a creative family and continues to enjoy her own artistic pursuits outside of teaching.

She loves the great outdoors and enjoys taking time in school holidays to pack a bag and head out into the bush for overnight hiking or bush walking. Jo takes many opportunities to bring nature into the classroom or to take learning outside to experience learning beyond the





Brad Schutz

Brad Schutz is excited to be teaching at Rose Park Primary School in Room 20 again this year. This is his second year teaching and last year he secured permanency within the department in his graduate year, which saw Brad achieve a long-term career goal. In the 10 years prior to 2018 Brad was employed at Burnside Primary School undertaking roles at a management level within After School Sports, SAPSASA, Whole School Sporting events and site Facilities.

Outside of School, Brad competes as a professional runner with the South Australian Athletic League!

In 2019, Brad aims to become a mentor to all students by creating positive relationships, providing sufficient knowledge surrounding social and emotional wellbeing and teaching in a way which promotes student engagement and motivation.

Brad will achieve this by creating a safe, happy and organised environment, teaching in a variety of ways to cater for the different learning styles of each student. This will be supported by his warm and approachable manner.