Zara Lygo

“If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.” (Ignacio Estrada).

Zara Lygo is a Year 6/7 teacher at Rose Park who has taught at every primary year level. She is a qualified special education teacher with more than twenty years’ experience of living with and teaching individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Zara has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Medical Laboratory Science, which drives her passion for STEM in the classroom. She has a Fitness Leaders’ certificate from TAFE and a Diploma in the Feldenkrais Method; understanding that health, wellbeing and physical fitness are also at the core of engaged learners.

In line with the beliefs of industry strategists, Zara believes that creativity and collaboration will be core skills sought after by future employers. To this end there are many creative pursuits and team presentations built in to units of inquiry and learning activities in her classroom.

Along with her students, she is a multi-award winning scarecrow competition designer for the Royal Adelaide Show’s annual Horticultural scarecrow competition.



Geoff Cubbin

Geoff Cubbin is a dedicated and caring teacher who strives to challenge all students in the classroom setting. He is extremely excited about teaching at Rose Park Primary School in 2019 and looks forward to establishing his teaching practices at this school. Geoff has been teaching for 14 years in various school settings. He spent 10 years at Loxton Primary School before moving back to Adelaide. Geoff completed his Bachelor of Education at the University of South Australia: Magill Campus and majored in studying Children’s Literature.

Geoff has followed his passion for English by implementing a routined literacy program in his classroom. He has developed a strong plan for literacy based around the “Daily Five” research. Students are encouraged to work independently on spelling, writing and reading tasks during different lessons. Geoff also uses Literacy Circles reading groups as a basis of his reading and literacy program. The children have a chance to analysis different texts, discuss them with peers and complete weekly reading roles. Geoff has implemented the Flexible Learning approach to his teaching pedagogy. This allows students the chance to work independently, be trustworthy as they work and choose places in the classroom where they can work successfully.

Geoff has completed many hours of productive Mathematics professional learning from working with experts such as Ann Baker to completing a “Thinking Maths” program in 2018. He uses many different mathematics strategies in the classroom which allow students to enter the questions at many different levels. Geoff has completed Positive Education and Mindfulness training that he implements in the classroom and allows students time to focus on their strengths as a learner.

Outside of school, Geoff enjoys spending time with his three beautiful children and playing tennis every Tuesday night at Happy Valley. He was born in Adelaide and has one sister who also has three children. Geoff has thoroughly enjoyed moving back to Adelaide from rural SA and is getting back into the swing of living in a big town.



Sean Douglas

“It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together.”

After 20 years in the finance industry both locally and abroad combined with his volunteer and sports coaching roles with children, Sean pursued a career as a teacher graduating in mid-2019 having completed his postgraduate studies in Education.

Sean spent the second half of last year working at his old primary school as a Science teacher as well as working in the disability unit with a focus on interoception and behaviour management, and joins Rose Park as a Year 6 teacher. Sean has a passion for helping young people build respectful relationships and personal resilience and sees mindfulness as one of the ways to support this.

Away from the classroom, Sean is a passionate Adelaide Crows supporter and enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 children in their small Hills township. He enjoys travelling, camping and all things sport and if he’s not coaching one of his kids’ teams he’s umpiring, running water or working in the canteen.