Mandy Raymond

Mandy is teaching Year 6, after having taught Junior Primary PE and EALD for the past two years at Rose Park Primary School. Since graduating over ten years ago, Mandy has taught across all year levels from Reception to Year 9, in both public and private schools (here in SA and the ACT). She has a Bachelor of Education (Primary/Middle) with majors in Mathematics and Physical Education. It was through sports coaching, particularly netball, that Mandy discovered her passion for teaching.

Prior to Rose Park Primary School, Mandy taught Year 6/7 and was the IB MYP Coordinator at her previous school. She has high level curriculum skills, enthusiasm and demonstrates a firm commitment to supporting her students to achieve their learning goals and outcomes. Mandy has a strong passion for the International Baccalaureate Program and supports her students to be lifelong learners to demonstrate the IB PYP Learner Profiles. She encourages her students to persevere with their learning through reminding them of the quote: 

‘Every expert was once a beginner – Rutherford B Hayes.’



Scott Barabas

Scott is extremely excited about joining the Rose Park Primary Years’ team and tandem teaching with Mandy in the year 6 class. Scott has completed a Bachelor of Human Movement and Master of Teaching at UniSA, followed by working as a TRT at a variety of different schools. Scott worked at Paradise Primary School in a year 4/5 class and is currently teaching there as the PE teacher.

Scott discovered his passion for teaching through conducting sports clinics in schools. Through Scott’s commitment and participation in sports, he has a lot of experience with providing a strong team-based environment where people can develop their collaboration, communication, and participation skills. This also gives students the opportunity to share their knowledge with their peers while also taking control of their learning.

Scott is dedicated towards providing a positive environment where students feel brave and confident to share their knowledge and ideas.



Sean Douglas

Sean is in his second year at Rose Park PS and continuing as a Year 6 teacher. Prior to Rose Park, he worked as a Science teacher and with students with disabilities with a focus on Interoception and behaviour management.

He has a passion for helping young people to build respectful relationships and personal resilience and sees mindfulness as one of the ways to support this. He sets high expectations for students to maximise their academic goals, and to build skills such as persistence, organisation, time management, acceptable behaviours and responsibility.

He has a genuine interest and passion for Mathematics having previously worked in the finance industry for 20 years and sees the importance of engaging students to learn about its real-world application to ultimately assist them in a range of careers.



Brad Schutz

Brad is excited to be teaching again at Rose Park Primary School and he has a Bachelor of Education (Primary). This year he will be teaching Year 6 students in their final year before graduating to high school and looks forward to supporting his students to showcase their IB learning. Brad worked at Burnside Primary School undertaking management roles in co-ordinating sport and site facilities.

His reputation as a strong public speaker has meant that he has been selected to be the Master of Ceremonies for whole school sporting events.

Brad is committed to becoming a mentor to all students by creating positive relationships and providing relevant knowledge and skills to support each individual’s social and emotional wellbeing. By getting to know his students and how they learn, he will personalise learning and connect to student’s interests. He targets teaching to cater for the needs and different learning styles of each student and in diverse ways to promote student engagement and motivation.

Brad’s warm and approachable manner enables the creation of a safe, happy and organised learning environment underpinned by promotion and enactment of our school values and IB learner dispositions. 

Rose Park Primary School