The Arts News Term 3, Week 6

September 02, 2019 0 comments

Magic Millions Choir

In Week 6, the Senior Choir participated in the Magic Millions rehearsal, for the Festival of Music, at Morphettville. The choir is one of the many ways students can take part in the Festival of Music. As well as singing in the choir, students can audition to be a host, a member of the troupe, orchestra or even a choreographer leader. Rose Park Primary School had many students partaking in these opportunities. Emily H and Claudia B are choreographer leaders; Ember H, Maddy C and Lucy A auditioned to perform a solo at the Festival Theatre, and all three students were successful! The girls will sing ‘You, Me and the Wide Open Sky’, ‘The Colour of your Jumper’  and ‘When I Grow Up’.

We have a number of students who will participate in troupe and orchestra performances, or who have a part to play in hosting the concert. Many students stated that they have enjoyed choir and can’t wait for the Festival of Music performance. The atmosphere when the choir and orchestra are playing and singing together is incredible, and the soloists performed amazingly. Although we were not able to see the troupe, we are sure that they will be astounding on the night, and can’t wait to see them. We would like to congratulate all the members of the Senior Choir for their dedication and practice. We wish them all the best for their performance at the Festival Theatre on Saturday 21st September at 11am.

By Saxon and Imogen (Room 7)

Year 4/5 Musical: Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits

The 2019 Year 4/5 musical is a story similar to Aladdin, with a twist, and a lot more jokes. There are Bongo Bandits, who are not very smart, and are stealing from the Sultan. A Genie comes out of a ketchup bottle; he grants wishes and helps Ali Baba and the Princess Satsuma. Year 4 and 5 students follow the dance moves very well, and we are getting to learn our lines; we are beginning to be able to do the play without the scripts! Everyone understands their part very well. We are starting to get better at the transitions and are not talking as much off stage. We are working on having some props in the rehearsals. Everyone is understanding the jokes very well which helps with the acting.

By Joanna and Lachie (Room 24)

Wonderful Wakakirri

This year’s Wakakirri piece, “The Jungle of Hope” was about the struggles of the wildlife living in the jungle, and escaping the clutches of the evil loggers. Mid Term 2, over 200 students flew into the hall hoping to win a place in this year’s Wakakirri performance. The theme for the year was ‘sloth’, with many different schools incorporating the topic in various ways. Our first costume rehearsal went very smoothly and definitely got the nerves up for our performance. As the curtains flew open, a sea of diverse people filled our eyes. The opening song “Loving it” showed how the animals were joyful, and living life in the jungle they call home. Suddenly the party begins, soon to be crashed by the evil loggers, as they danced to the song “Timber” while brutally chopping the trees down. This caused chaos, making the birds dance a sad song, convincing the loggers to replant the forest. As they all happily danced in unison, everyone replanted the trees and all became happy again. In the awards presentation, we won the ‘Spirit of Wakakirri’ award, causing Mrs Copeland to be very delighted. Wakakirri was a wonderful experience and it is extremely devastating that the year seven students can not participate next year. We wish Mrs Copeland and her future cast good luck for the years to come and hope that one day, we will win the ‘Story of the Year’.

By Amelie and Leona (Room 8)