Wellbeing News Term 2 Week 6

June 12, 2019 0 comments

Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD)

All schools are required to collect information about the numbers of students that they provide adjustments to under the Disability Discrimination Act (1992) and Disability Standards of Education This data is used as the basis for national funding.

The NCCD involves the collection of;

  • the number of students receiving adjustments to enable them to participate in education on the same basis as other students
  • the level of adjustment provided to students
  • student’s type of disability if known

Under the model the definition of disability is broad and includes learning difficulties, health and mental health conditions.

If your child is identified for inclusion in the Collection, the required information will be included in this year’s data collection.

If you have any questions about the data collection, please contact Kim Copeland on 8331 7521. Further information can be found at: http://www.education.gov.au/nationally-consistent-collection-data-school-students-disability.