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Welcome to Rose Park Primary School

Rose Park Primary was established in 1893 in a picturesque inner suburban location only minutes from the city centre. The school is housed in the main building built in 1893. Our main teaching area was erected in 1923. A church building, built in 1899, houses our specialist music programme while the Centenary Hall is a modern addition. In 2010, the school opened our new i-centre, a large multi-purpose resource and inquiry facility, that also houses four upstairs classrooms.

**NB: As of February 1, 2016, the school is not taking any further enrolments for this year. A Capacity Management Plan is being developed with DECD to determine a capacity point for the school, and future enrolments for 2017 will be subject to this plan. The zoning rules for this school are therefore in abeyance. There are over 570 students currenlty enrolled across 22 classes. For 2017 enrolments, please register your details with the office. Advice on selction processes will be announced early in term 3, 2016. Zoning rules and sibling rights will remain as critieria in this process along with others.
Our current focus is on learning through inquiry, and Information and communication technologies to enhance the inquiry processes. The school has a wireless internet service, and makes available laptops (PC and Apple) for student use as well as Apple computers in our Performing Arts Suite. Year 6/7 students are encouraged to bring their own laptops. Additionally, every classroom is fitted with interactive whiteboards, document cameras and flip videos.

The school is an authorised  International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program World School, delivering the IBPYP from reception to year 7 students and is part of a strong IB network within South Australia. Our international mindedness through being a world school also sees a growing number of intenational familes attracted to the school, currently from over 40 cultures. The school is a member of the Association of Australasian International Baccalaureate Schools providing a network of IB schools for support and professional development. Their website can be viewed at

During 2014, the school embarked on a long term plan to maintian our position as a school of high achievement and outstanding practice, while also looking to continue to develop our facilities and resources to enhance every learning opportuinty. This is now reflected in our 2014-25 Strategic Plan. Each year as we achieve our milestones the plan will be reviewed to reflect the journey and our ongoing agenda for improvement. We thank the staff, the Governing Council and the parent comminity for the consultation and input in developeing this longer term view for our school

The school has a strong focus on after-school sport and we offer Japanese and music as specialist subjects. More than 85% students in the school from year 3-7 play instruments as part of our very well known music program, which includes choirs, bands, ensembles and an orchestra - who all perform regularly.
We also have an active Old Scholars Association providing a strong pastoral care role in our school.

Rose Park now has an app for iPhone or Androids. The app allows parents to stay in communication with the school through receiving text messages, and can be used to tell the school about student absences. For instructions on downloading the app. please click here

For more information on the school please contact us.

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